MADHOUSE Invades this Sunday

This Sunday May 16th "The Show Stopper" Chris Fleming and Jonathan "Jon-Boy" Brown will invade Slinger Speedway. They are two of the stars from History Channels hit TV show MADHOUSE. The History Channel went behind the scenes to show millions of viewers what grass roots racing is all about in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Fleming and Brown became over night stars simply showing folks what they love to do, drive race cars. Over 25,000 fans packed the flat 1/4 mile race track for the 2010 opening day event the MADHOUSE stars race at weekly. The Show Stopper says, "it's hard to get any work done on your car in the pit area there are so many fans wanting autographs and taking pictures, it's unbelievable!" Both Fleming and Brown say there is a price to pay for fame, and that is being known where ever you go, but for now it's a lot of fun.

Chris Fleming calls himself "The Show Stopper" and says, "I am as tough as they come!" The Show Stopper will be driving a car prepared by Conrad Morgan. Conrad is a six time champion and knows how to get a car around Slinger Speedway, so it's up to The Show Stopper to get the job done.

For Jon Boy, racing is his passion, he says: "The only thing I don't race is airplanes, and I would, I just haven't had the opportunity to." Jon Boy will be driving top flight equipment (won't fly) at Slinger Speedway, prepared by DDP Motorsports. Dennis and Dale Prunty along with their crew are up to the task of getting Jon Boy going at Slinger. The Prunty family has amassed numerous championships and wins at The Worlds Fastest 1/4 Mile, so just like The Show Stopper, Jon Boy will be in good hands.

There will be a free autograph session from 5:50 to 6:20. Gates open at 3:45, qualifying starts at 4:45, racing is at 6:30. For more information call: 262-644-5921.