AL Graf PhotoAL Graf PhotoBy Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., July 12— Dave Feiler paid a return visit to the Slinger Super Speedway Sunday night and promptly drove to victory in the Lagina Plumbing 60-lap super late model feature.

“It’s nice to be back,” Feiler stated after returning to the speedway for the first time in nearly three years and holding off Dennis Prunty for the win, “I love this place…this place is like a bullring.”

Josh Wallace led the opening laps over Randy Schuler, Dennis Prunty, Dale Prunty, and Feiler as the top five settled in place just before the first caution flag appeared on lap seven for an incident involving Jamie Wallace and Brad Dahmer. Josh Wallace maintained the lead on the restart but incidental contact jammed the field up entering turn one resulted in Lowell Bennett, Conrad Morgan, and Jerry Eckhardt tangling in the corner. All cars either moved away from the incident or slid to the infield and the race remained green with Wallace leading over Dennis Prunty and Feiler.

AL Graf PhotoAL Graf PhotoPrunty and Feiler hunted down Wallace for the lead, racing in his tailpipes by lap 13 and two laps later, Prunty moved to the inside to take the lead and bring Feiler with him into second. With Feiler stalking Prunty for the lead, Wallace raced with Collin Bamke and Schuler for third. Feiler was finally able to nose to the inside of Prunty on lap 27 and after staging a side by side battle for a few laps, was able to pull ahead into the lead on lap 29. Once around Prunty, Feiler was able to extend his lead while Bamke made his way into third just past the halfway mark. Prunty could keep Feiler in his sights in the final laps but could not get close enough to make a challenge as Feiler wheeled his way to the victory. Prunty took the checkered flag in second followed by Bamke, Schuler, and Jamie Wallace. Jon Reynolds Jr finished in sixth while Mike Egan was seventh. Al Schill, Steve Apel, and Cardell Potter rounded out the top ten finishers.

AL Graf PhotoAL Graf PhotoScott Schoeni won the 20-lap late model semi-feature over Jerry Eckhardt. Ron Ragan finished third while Larry Epright and Nathan Matz were fourth and fifth respectively. Dave Feiler was the winner of the super late model fast dash and Lowell Bennett was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 11.549 seconds.

Dan Heying drove to his first feature victory of the season in the 35-lap late model main event, taking the win over Josh Bauer who drove the car normally driven by Brad Keith.

Ross Kenseth and Pat McIntee led the field to the green flag but the caution flag immediately appeared as problems in the middle of the field swept up the cars of Chris Blawat and Scott Ascher on the frontstretch, necessitating a complete restart. As racing resumed, Kenseth grabbed the early lead while McIntee battled Trevor Dassow for second while Josh Bauer and Dan Heying followed close behind. McIntee’s car developed problems and he slid high on the track, losing spots as Dassow, Heying, and Dave McCardle all raced by. A spin by Bill Shavlik in turn three produced the second yellow flag on lap five and on the restart Kenseth chose the inside line with Dassow lined up alongside him. Kenseth maintained the lead as the green reappeared was Heying applied heavy pressure to his rear bumper from third while Dassow charged hard on the outside. Heying was quicker off the corners and was able to muscle Kenseth to the outside line to take the lead on lap nine. Kenseth’s car was not hooked up to the high side and he began to fade as Bauer and Jake Vanoskey raced by while Dassow, also trapped in the upper lane behind Kenseth lost positions as well. Heying held his ground at the point as Bauer and Vanoskey looked to close while Pat McIntee rebounded from his earlier problems to battle with Ryan DeStefano and Rob Braun over fourth. Heying drove a solid last half of the race and was able to take the win over Bauer and Vanoskey while McIntee and Rob Braun rounded out the top five. Trevor Dassow won the late model fast dash and Dave McCardle set fast time at 12.318 seconds.

AL Graf PhotoAL Graf PhotoMike Graczkowski won the 30-lap Midwest Sportsman feature, holding off Dave Thomas and Mike Borchardt in the process.

Jay Shambeau led at the start over Jeff Graff and Andy Haver as Graczkowski, Brian Holtz, and Austin Luedtke raced in tight formation behind them. Holtz clipped the apron in turn four on the second lap and the loss of momentum led to contact which resulted in his car spinning and collecting the car of Jack Stern in the process to produce the caution flag. Shambeau paced the field on the restart as Graczkowski moved into second place ahead of Graff. Behind the leaders, a three-wide battle between Dave Thomas, Gregg Pawelski, and Jeff Holtz tangled the cars of Pawelski and Holtz as they exited turn two on lap six. As the cars of Pawelski and Holtz headed toward the retaining wall, Dan Church, already committed to the outside, had nowhere to go and ramped over the two cars, sailing skyward before doing a swan dive down the backstretch, landing on all four wheels with the caution flag waving. Shambeau held the inner lane on the restart and Graczkowski kept his car wound up in the high line, using it to edge into the lead two laps later while Mike Borchardt and Dave Thomas battled with Austin Luedtke and Jimmie Evans fought for positions in the top five. Behind them, Tony Sancinati and Mark Kissinger raced hard for the eighth spot in a heated duel that ended on lap 21 when they got together in turn four, squeezing the nose off Tom Elsinger’s car before they were able to get straightened out with the caution flag waving again. Graczkowski held the lead for the restart but had to deal with Thomas who worked his way to second ahead of Borchardt and Shambeau. Graczkowski was up to the challenge and he held on in the final laps to score the victory with Thomas having to settle for second ahead of Borchardt and Shambeau. Austin Luedtke finished in the fifth position. Graczkowski also won the Midwest Sportsman fast dash and Thomas turned a lap in at 12.748 seconds to earn fast time honors.

AL Graf PhotoAL Graf PhotoAl Stippich won the 18-lap Thunderstock main event that featured side by side and nose to tail racing amongst the top five cars throughout the event. Stippich used the outside lane to nip Ryan Farrell at the finish line with Rick Schaefer tucked behind them in third. Andy Welter finished fourth despite spinning past the finish line while Aaron Cain took the checkered flag in fifth. Dan Wood bested the top qualifiers to win the Thunderstock fast dash and Aaron Cain’s lap of 13.548 seconds earned him fast time honors.

Sam Haven won the Wisconsin Sport Truck feature, surviving a thrilling battle with Jacob Boldig that resulted in Haven taking the win as Boldig’s truck tipped on its roof just short of the finish line. Jeff Looker finished second while Jordan Carpenter, Brian Willems, and Pete Zarnoth rounded out the top five. Jordan Carpenter won the Wisconsin Sport Truck dash that ended early after Reagan May’s truck rolled on the frontstretch and collected the truck of Kyle Quella. Haven was also the fastest qualifier at 12.300 seconds.

Joe Lang won the Slinger Bee feature over Mark Johler and Erik Long. Carl Benn and Nick Ostberg rounded out the top five. Erik Long was the fastest qualifier at 15.751 seconds. Pat Heaney won the Spectator Eliminator race and Willy Van Camp was the winner of the Figure 8 race.