Opening Ceremonies with the Fast Qualifiers (All Photos By Ceremonies with the Fast Qualifiers (All Photos By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept.18—Brad Hetzel took top honors in the 30-lap Thunderstock feature and Cory Talaska scored the victory in the Legends main event just before persistent rain showers washed out the rest of the scheduled events during The Futures races Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway.

Hetzel took the lead of the Thunderstock main event from Carl Benn on lap 13 and then proceeded to work lapped traffic flawlessly as he drove to the victory, holding off Benn at the finish. Carl Benn took the checkered flag in second place just ahead of Nate Fick while John Daley and Bernie Leonard rounded out the top five. Carl Benn was the winner of the opening Thunderstock heat race over John Daley and Nate Fick while Adam Peschek and Brad Hetzel were fourth and fifth respectively. Josh Fischer captured the win in the second Thunderstock heat race over Bernie Leonard and Vincent Heywood. Josh Fehrman and Jeff Alendorf completed the top five. Brad Hetzel was the Thunderstock fastest qualifier.

Nick Egan Battles Joe Shelby with Nate Fick following in Street StocksNick Egan Battles Joe Shelby with Nate Fick following in Street StocksTalaska charged into the lead at the start of the 20-lap Legends car feature and pulled ahead to a sizeable advantage when Aaron Moyer spun off turn two while battling for the lead. Moyer righted his car and continued on as Talaska maintained the lead. Moyer sliced his way through the field and was on Talaska’s rear bumper on the final lap but Talaska was able to edge Moyer for the win. Moyer settled for second place as Rodney Mundt, Mark Ritger, and Vince Bartolotta finished in third through fifth place respectively. Aaron Moyer also won the Legends fast dash and was the fastest qualifier.

Jason Thoma was the winner of the first Area Sportsman heat race over Tommy Moore and Aaron Cain. Jesse Knutson was fourth and Greg Hauser finished fifth. Gary Kasperek won the second Area Sportsman heat, holding off Neal Sannes and Dave Meyerhofer at the finish. Adam Peschek and Rick Wenzel completed the top five. Jason Thoma was also the fastest qualifier for the division.

Area Sportsman ActionArea Sportsman ActionChris Jones won the heat race for the International division over Gary Stark and Nick Worman. Keith Pierce and Kyle Smith were fourth and fifth respectively. Phil Malouf won the International fast dash and Kyle Stark was the fastest qualifier. Jason Dull took top honors in the first Slinger Bee heat race over Heather Stark and Kyle Stark. Mark Johler crossed the stripe in fourth and Steve Dickson was fifth. Scott Ciesieski won the second Slinger Bee heat race over Grant Griesback and Nick Schmidt as Josh Roehl and Kyle Fink completed the top five. Steve Dickson was the Slinger Bee fastest qualifier.

The remaining events including features for the Area Sportsman, Slinger Bees, and Internationals as well as the Enduro were washed out when a steady rain began to fall on the speedway forcing officials to cancel the rest of the afternoon’s activities.

1970 Monte Carlo still getting the job done with Gary Kasperek #2 at the wheel battling Neal Sannes1970 Monte Carlo still getting the job done with Gary Kasperek #2 at the wheel battling Neal SannesAREA SPORTSMAN

Area Sportsman Feature—Rained Out.

Area Sportsman Heat 1—15 Laps: 1.Jason Thoma, 2. Tommy Moore, 3. Aaron Cain, 4. Jesse Knutson, 5. Greg Hauser.

Area Sportsman Heat 2—15 Laps: 1. Gary Kasperek, 2. Neal Sannes, 3. Dave Meyerhofer, 4. Adam Peschek, 5. Rick Wenzel.

Area Sportsman Fastest Qualifier: Jason Thoma.


Slinger Bee Feature—Rained Out.

Phil Malouf winner of the International Trophy DashPhil Malouf winner of the International Trophy DashSlinger Bee Heat 1—12 Laps: 1. Jason Dull, 2. Heather Stark, 3. Kyle Stark, 4. Mark Johler, 5. Steve Dickson.

Slinger Bee Heat 2—12 Laps: 1. Scott Ciesieski, 2. Grant Griesbach, 3. Nick Schmidt, 4. Josh Roehl, 5. Kyle Fink.

Slinger Bee Fastest Qualifier: Steve Dickson.


International Feature—Rained Out.

International Heat—10 Laps: 1. Chris Jones, 2. Gary Stark, 3. Nick Worman, 4. Keith Pierce, 5. Kyle Smith

International Fast Dash—6 Laps: Phil Malouf.

International Fastest Qualifier: Kyle Stark.


Thunder Stock Feature—30 Laps: 1. Brad Hetzel, 2. Carl Benn, 3. Nate Fick, 4. John Daley, 5. Bernie Leonard.

Thunderstock Heat One—10 Laps: 1. Carl Benn, 2. John Daley, 3. Nate Fick, 4. Adam Peschek, 5. Brad Hetzel.

Thunderstock Heat Two—10 Laps: 1. Josh Fischer, 2. Bernie Leonard, 3. Vincent Heywood, 4. Josh Fehrman, 5. Jeff Alendorf.

Thunderstock Fastest Qualifier: Brad Hetzel.


Legends Feature—20 Laps: 1. Cory Talaska, 2. Aaron Moyer, 3. Rodney Mundt, 4. Mark Ritger, 5. Vince Barolotta.

Legends Fast Dash—5 Laps: Aaron Moyer.

Legends Fastest Qualifier: Aaron Moyer.