4 Cylinder Heat Winner Mike Heimann4 Cylinder Heat Winner Mike HeimannBy Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept. 19— Greg Hauser held off a strong challenge from Jay Kalbus to win the 40-lap Sporstman main event as part of The Futures at the Slinger Super Speedway Sunday afternoon while John Daley, Max McNamara, William Rea, and Kyle Stark scored feature wins in their respective divisions.

John Daley and Scott Lawver led the Sportsman field to the green flag for the 40-lap feature with Lawver grabbing the early lead as Adam Bleskin moved to second place ahead of Daley and Greg Hauser as they battled for third. Hauser moved to third place by lap seven and began to battle Bleskin over second as Lawver stretched his lead. Behind the top three, Aaron Cain, Dylan Wenzel, and Jay Kalbus battled their way forward and into the top five by lap ten. With Lawver remaining comfortably out front, Hauser worked his way by Bleskin for second, bringing Cain with him and into third while Kalbus used the inside to pick up fourth place by lap 15.

Hobby Stock Heat Winner Chris BeineHobby Stock Heat Winner Chris Beine
Lawver’s lead evaporated by lap 18 as Hauser closed to his bumper and after several attempts to pass on the inside, Hauser took to the outside, racing Lawver side by side for the lead at the halfway mark. Hauser cleared Lawver for the lead on lap 21 as Kalbus had his car hooked up, using the inside lane on lap 23 to take over third place and then the outside groove to pass Lawver for second two laps later. Kalbus began to close on Hauser for the lead as they weaved their way through lapped traffic as Cain retired from the event with mechanical problems. Kalbus planted the nose of his car squarely on Hauser’s bumper in the final laps, pressuring him heavily for the lead with several light taps. On the final lap, Kalbus tried to make a move for the lead, but Hauser proved to be too strong and he drove under the checkered flag for the win, leaving Kalbus to settle for second. Lawver finished in third place while Dylan Wenzel and Tommy Moore rounded out the top five.

Legends Feature Winner Max McNamaraLegends Feature Winner Max McNamaraJay Kalbus won the first Sportsman heat race over Greg Hauser and Tommy Moore while the second Sportsman heat race was captured by Matt Doris over Dennis Crass and Dave Meyerhofer. Greg Hauser was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 13.376 seconds.

John Daley drove to the win in the 30-lap Thunderstock feature, taking the victory after a hard fought battle with Jake Larson.

Larson charged to the lead at the drop of the green flag over Nathaniel Fick as Daley worked the outside to battle for third place with Adam Peschek. Daley took over third place momentarily before losing the position back to Peschek in lapped traffic on lap ten. However a lap later, Daley was back in third after Peschek’s car got loose in turn four as Larson continued to lead. Daley then worked his way around Fick for second place on lap 14 while Ken Scraufnagel, Peschek, and Justin Poenitsch battled over fourth. Larson’s car swung loose a few times, allowing Daley to close in as Larson saved his car from spinning on lap 19 just before the caution waved as Nick Ostberg’s car went up in smoke and dropped fluid on the racetrack. Larson lined up on the inside for the restart with Daley alongside and the two raced side by side for the lead as racing resumed. Daley led lap 20 from the outside by Larson remained strong on the inside, retaking the top spot on lap 26 by a nose. Daley and Larson raced the final five laps door to door as behind them, Schraufnagel and Fick had company in the top five was Chris Beine moved to fifth. Daley cleared Larson for the lead on the final lap and he charged to the stripe to capture the win with Larson finishing second. Ken Schraufnagel finished third as Nathan Fick and Chris Beine rounded out the top five.

Futures Area Sportsman Feature Winner Greg HauserFutures Area Sportsman Feature Winner Greg HauserChris Beine won the first Thunderstock heat race over Rick Schaefer and Carl Benn while Bernie Leonard took the checkered flag in the second Thunderstock heat as Mike Kasperek and Ray Fuller finished second and third respectively. John Daley was the fastest qualifier after touring the speedway in 13.548 seconds.

Max McNamara scored a clean sweep in Legends competition as he set fast time, won the fast dash, and capped it off with a 20-lap feature victory. Aaron Moyer finished the feature event in second place and Alex Arelano was third. Tim Narr and Mark Ritger were fourth and fifth respectively. McNamara ‘s fast qualifying time was 13.735 seconds.

William Rea scored his first Slinger Speedway victory as he took top honors in the 30-lap Slinger Bee main event over Kyle Stark and Cody Kippenhan. Phil Malouf and Tim Richter finished the Slinger Bee feature in fourth and fifth. Dylan Wenzel won the 15-lap Slinger Bee semi-feature over Wayne Sonkowsky and Dustin Ostberg. Tim Richter, Michael Heimann, and Dustin Ostberg each scored victories in Slinger Bee heat race action while Kyle Stark won the 20-lap Super Bee-Modified four cylinder feature event over Phil Malouf and Boyce Sparkman. George Sparkman finished in fourth in the Super Bee feature while Nick Cina Jr. was fifth. Boyce Sparkman won the first Super Bee heat race and Rachel Sparkman won the second heat event. Phil Malouf was the fastest qualifier at 13.837 seconds.

Cody Kippenhan won the 75-lap Enduro event after Mark Sontag Jr. experienced mechanical problems late in the event while the Dump Truck Elimination races were won by Ike Glaubitz.