4 Cylinder Heat Winner Mike Heimann4 Cylinder Heat Winner Mike HeimannBy Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept. 19— Greg Hauser held off a strong challenge from Jay Kalbus to win the 40-lap Sporstman main event as part of The Futures at the Slinger Super Speedway Sunday afternoon while John Daley, Max McNamara, William Rea, and Kyle Stark scored feature wins in their respective divisions.

John Daley and Scott Lawver led the Sportsman field to the green flag for the 40-lap feature with Lawver grabbing the early lead as Adam Bleskin moved to second place ahead of Daley and Greg Hauser as they battled for third. Hauser moved to third place by lap seven and began to battle Bleskin over second as Lawver stretched his lead. Behind the top three, Aaron Cain, Dylan Wenzel, and Jay Kalbus battled their way forward and into the top five by lap ten. With Lawver remaining comfortably out front, Hauser worked his way by Bleskin for second, bringing Cain with him and into third while Kalbus used the inside to pick up fourth place by lap 15.

Super Late Model Feature Winner Dennis PruntySuper Late Model Feature Winner Dennis PruntyBy Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept. 12—Dennis Prunty drove to his seventh super late model feature win of the season in the 80-lap Pepsi Challenge Season Championship main event Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway while Lowell Bennett was crowned the super late model track champion for the seventh time in his career.

“Oh yeah! ”Prunty exclaimed from victory lane, “That’s seven! It was a great battle and I’ll tell you what, I took that outside lane and just put in on cruise control from there on out.”

Brad Dahmer and Austin Luedtke began the race from the front row and traded the lead in the opening laps before Dahmer edged ahead on lap three. Mike Egan used the inside line to take over second place from Luedtke two laps later while behind them Dennis Prunty and Steve Apel over the fourth and fifth spots. A spin by Mike Gunderson on lap nine produced the caution flag with Dahmer leading over Egan, Luedtke, Apel, and Prunty. As racing resumed, Egan wrestled the lead away from Dahmer using the high side as Luedtke began to pressure Dahmer for second. A few laps later, Luedtke was able to work his way to the inside of Dahmer and took the second spot, bringing Prunty along with him into third. As Dahmer tried to get back to the low line, the nose of Conrad Morgan’s car was there and the incidental contact between them momentarily slowed the field as Morgan took the spot while Dahmer tried to regroup on the high side with Apel directly behind him.

Super Late Model winner Dave Feiler with Miss Slinger Ashley HoffmanSuper Late Model winner Dave Feiler with Miss Slinger Ashley HoffmanBy Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept. 5—Dave Feiler endured several rain delays and the challenges of Lowell Bennett during the Russ Darrow Labor Day Weekend Special Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway before being declared the winner after the skies opened up for a final time on lap 74 of the scheduled 100-lap super late model main event.

Jeff Holtz set the early pace, taking the lead at the drop of the green flag over Feiler, Eric Fransen, Al Schill, and Brad Keith as Conrad Morgan launched a stout high-groove run off turn two to move all the way to third by the second lap. Holtz continued to lead with Feiler in his tracks as Fransen found his rhythm, slipping around Morgan for third place on lap six. Feiler and Fransen began to pressure Holtz for the lead as it appeared Holtz’s car showed more hesitation in the middle of the corners than his challengers. The leader’s slight break in momentum resulted in a soft nudge from behind which crossed up Holtz’s car, sending it up the track and into the concrete upon the exit of turn two, producing a caution flag on lap ten. Feiler led Fransen and Morgan on the restart with Al Schill, Lowell Bennett, and Steven Schultz filling out the top six as racing resumed. After one lap of green flag racing, Bennett worked the inside to advance to fourth as behind him, Jamie Wallace, Brad Mueller, Steve Apel, and Dennis Prunty all battled hard over the sixth spot.

Ryan DeStefano Late Model Dash WinnerRyan DeStefano Late Model Dash WinnerWallace quickly paced the opening lap before the lone caution flag of the event flew when Conrad Morgan’s car momentarily broke loose in turn two, stacking up the field and trig