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Opening Ceremonies with the Fast Qualifiers (All Photos By speedgraphicscompany.com)Opening Ceremonies with the Fast Qualifiers (All Photos By speedgraphicscompany.com)By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept.18—Brad Hetzel took top honors in the 30-lap Thunderstock feature and Cory Talaska scored the victory in the Legends main event just before persistent rain showers washed out the rest of the scheduled events during The Futures races Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway.

Hetzel took the lead of the Thunderstock main event from Carl Benn on lap 13 and then proceeded to work lapped traffic flawlessly as he drove to the victory, holding off Benn at the finish. Carl Benn took the checkered flag in second place just ahead of Nate Fick while John Daley and Bernie Leonard rounded out the top five. Carl Benn was the winner of the opening Thunderstock heat race over John Daley and Nate Fick while Adam Peschek and Brad Hetzel were fourth and fifth respectively. Josh Fischer captured the win in the second Thunderstock heat race over Bernie Leonard and Vincent Heywood. Josh Fehrman and Jeff Alendorf completed the top five. Brad Hetzel was the Thunderstock fastest qualifier.

By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept.11—Steve Apel survived a tough battle with Conrad Morgan and held off Brad Mueller en route to his third super late model feature win of the season in the Bob Fish 80-lap main event Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway.

Jon Reynolds Jr. and Jeremy Lepak raced door to door for the lead from the front row at the start of the event with Rob Braun and Conrad Morgan tucked in line behind them. Lepak eventually prevailed from the outside lane, edging out front as Morgan advanced from the high lane to race alongside Reynolds for second, leaving Braun to race with Steve Apel, Lowell Bennett, and Brad Mueller. Morgan also was able to use the outside to get around Reynolds by lap six just before the first caution flag flew when Braun tried an inside run on Apel into turn three and in an effort to avoid hitting him, Braun’s car spun around where it was tagged slightly by Lowell Bennett. Lepak led the restart from the inside lane over Morgan and the two raced alongside each other momentarily before Morgan was able to duck back to the inside groove directly behind Lepak and just ahead of Reynolds and Apel. As Morgan looked for a way around Lepak on the inside, Brad Mueller and Dennis Prunty joined the battle for third with Apel and Reynolds as Bennett left the speedway with a severe tire rub, the result of the previous incident with Braun.

Super Late Model Feature Winner Michael Bilderback with Brandon from Russ Darrow of West BendSuper Late Model Feature Winner Michael Bilderback with Brandon from Russ Darrow of West BendBy Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept.4—Michael Bilderback drove to his first super late model feature victory Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway, taking the checkered flag in the Russ Darrow 100 nearly a half lap ahead of point leader Jeremy Lepak.

“I still can’t imagine it, this is awesome,” Bilderback told the crowd from victory lane, “The wasn’t the best in practice and we did some fine tuning before the dash race and then did a little bit more before the feature and it was a rocket.” Bilderback battled with pole-sitter Jeff Holtz for the lead during the opening laps before tucking in line behind Holtz while Rob Braun, Conrad Morgan, and Steve Apel raced nose to tail behind them. Just beyond the top five, Lepak raced with Lowell Bennett for sixth while the leaders remained lined up on the bottom of the track. Holtz and Bilderback continued to race tightly together as Morgan looked for a way around Braun on the inside while at nearly the same time, Apel darted the nose of his car to the inside of Morgan, allowing Holtz and Bilderback to ease ahead slightly. Morgan was finally able to work to the inside of Braun and with the run, quickly took over third while Braun slid out of the top five as Apel, Bennett, and Lepak all raced by in the low line. After following Holtz for several laps, Bilderback made his move on lap 33, taking the lead on the inside following a slight nudge to the left-rear corner of Holtz’s car in between turns one and two.