10 Questions With….Jakob Hassler Driver of the #6 Late Model

Why did you get into racing?
Because I like to turn left and go fast!

Who is your favorite NASCAR (or other) driver?
I’d have to say Matt Kenseth. I like that he grew up in Wisconsin and raced all the same local short tracks as I do today.

What are your future plans? [Jakob is currently 18 years old.] I plan on moving up to super late models in a couple of years and seeing how far that takes me. I will continue to race for as long as I can. [In terms of career…] I am working toward my CDL and plan to drive for Jeff Hassler Trucking [Jakob’s dad] hauling sand.

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
I like the steep banking and the high speeds!
Follow-up question: What about the awesome pit shack people [Jakob’s mom, Tabitha, works in the Pit Shack]?
That too lol

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
Oktoberfest weekend in La Crosse. Between the people and the racing, I’d say it is the most interesting.

How did you pick your car number (#6)?
My first racecar number was 16 and I just cut the one off of it. I bought that car from Jared Deming off Craigslist, so it came with the number 16 on it.

Who is on your crew/Who do you need to thank?
Crew: My dad, Austin Syburg, Joel Held, Hayden Hoppe, Taylor Battisti
I also need to thank my grandparents, parents, girlfriend (Taylor), and all of my family that makes it to the track every week!
Follow-up question: Speaking of family, your brother, Evan, races the #3 Slinger Bee. Do you help him?
Yes, I help him out with his car every week. I also own the #6 Bee and help out on that too. The driver, Joel Held, is a like a brother to me. We are neighbors and grew up together. I bought the car to keep him out of trouble.

Who are your sponsors?
Schroeder Simplicity (Sussex), Weissman Auto (Germantown), Joe Mama’s Bar and Grill (Colgate), Rollin Transport (Richfield), Paul Schmit Trucking (Sussex), Hillside Remodeling (Jackson), Butler Wire and Metal Products (Menomonee Falls), Hollywood’s Roadhouse (Nashotah), Bartlein Barrels (Jackson), Jeff Hassler Trucking (Colgate)

What is your favorite food?
Mac Attack Cheeseburger from Joe Mama’s Bar and Grill!! [Description from the Joe Mama’s menu: “1/2 lb Black Angus burger topped with Joe Mama’s signature Mac n Cheese and Applewood smoked bacon”. If you stop in to try it, be sure to tell them that Jakob sent you!]

Which Slinger driver do you have the most respect for?
Dennis Prunty. He can drive the wheels off of anything, and can save just about anything.

Follow Jakob at https://www.facebook.com/hasslermotorsports6/