2021 Slinger Super Speedway Schedule

Extend your weekend at Slinger Super Speedway ~ The Sunday Night Tradition!

Night Racing – Qualifying 5:00 Racing 6:30pm

Division Codes 

6s-Six-Cylinder Entry-Level Division, ASC-American Super Cup, BDO-Bandolero, BZ-Super Beez, F8-Figure 8, LG-Legend, LM-Late Model, Mods-Finish Line Bar & Grill Modifieds, SB-Slinger Bees, SLM-Uptown Motorcars Super Late Models, SM-Sportsman, WST-WI Sport Trucks

Memorial Go Kart 2020 Schedule: memorialgo-kart.org/racing-details/


April 25 – Sunday afternoon – Divisions TBD

July 6 – Tuesday – Slinger Nationals

Stay tuned for the full schedule!