Slinger Super Speedway Driver Information

Thank you for choosing to race, and extend your weekend, at Slinger Super Speedway!

Click here to purchase your Sunday Pit Pass in advance. Within 24 hours of completion, an email will be sent to you with further instructions. Questions? Contact


To speed up your entry, please fill out the forms below prior to your first visit.

If you are new to racing, please choose an open number from here.  Duplicate numbers are discouraged

  1. 2020 Driver Information FormGet paid quicker – use direct deposit!!  Have your banking information in front of you prior to beginning entry of the form. 
  1. 2020 Season Pit Pass and Membership Registration FormClick here for explanation of benefits of Season Pit Passes and Membership. Online payment is required to complete.  A separate form is required for each member. Click here for how to fill out the online Season Pit Pass and Membership Form.
  1. 2020 Tech Information Form 
  1. If you purchased a membership or a pit stall last year, you will have the same spot this year (you don’t need to do anything).  If you are new this year, contact Leonard Reimer at 608-931-5847 to choose your spot.
  1. 2020 Medical Information Form 
  1. Minor Waiver Form 

Due to insurance stipulations, there are a lot of musts with this form:

-ALL drivers under 18 must have BOTH parents sign this form. Sign next to each other on the line provided or print two separate forms.

-Crew members only need one parent signature.

-The form must be printed in color.

-The form must NOT be folded or bent in any way.

-The form must be notarized.

  1. MyRacePass – Update your online profile.  This is whereyour sponsors are read from, so please be sure it is update-to-date throughout the season.

How to claim your profile

How to update your profile

  1. Are you a rookie in this year’s division at Slinger?  If yes, fill out the 2020 Rookie of the Year Form
  2. Wisconsin Waiver Form



Please review the important procedural information below.

Protest Form 

Transponder Scoring at Slinger Super Speedway:
ALL DIVISIONS are required to have an AMB Trans x260 transponder installed in order to compete at Slinger Speedway. If you do not have a transponder you will have the option to rent one from the track on a first come first serve basis, while supply lasts. If you don’t have a transponder installed you will not be scored, and cannot compete in any event. Please see the individual division rules for installation location (this can vary from track to track; please double check prior to arrival). It is the responsibility of the driver, not the track, to insure a properly working transponder is installed. Transponders must be installed and on every time the car is on the track (including practice).


Weekly Race Itinerary: night races

● Pit Gates open at 2:30 

● Practice starts at 4:00 – transponders must be installed and working

● Qualifying starts at: 5:10, Racing at 6:30


All Slinger Super Speedway staff do their best to provide a safe, fair environment. Please do not post your grievances on social media; negative posts do not help you, your sponsors, the track, or racing in general to grow.  POST the positives, talk to a “live” person about the negatives. Thank you in advance.