Slinger Super Speedway Driver Information


Click here to purchase your Sunday Pit Pass in advance. Be sure to follow the link in your "thank you" email to get your picture waiver to be shown at the pit gate.

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REQUIRED FORMS: To speed up your entry, please fill out the forms below prior to your first visit. No paper copies of these forms will be available at the track; they must be completed online.

1.  Click here for the 2024 Driver Registration/Membership/Season Pit Pass/Medical Combined Form --or-- for Crew Membership/Season Pit Pass
-Prior to entering, please gather your transponder number, sponsors, banking info (routing number and account number), and your SS or FEIN number. If you are purchasing a membership and/or season pit pass, you will also need a credit card for payment.

2.For ANYONE going into the pits who is under the age of 18click here for the Minor Waiver Form, and/or Online Parental Consent Waiver. The form MUST be printed in color and cannot be folded or bent in any way.  Forms printed in black, folded/bent, and/or lacking notarization cannot be accepted at the track.
-BOTH parents MUST sign the form for minor drivers (only one parent for minor crew)
-Page one is for the parent to complete (print a second copy of page one for the second parent). Page two is for the minor to complete.
-ALL pages of the form MUST be notarized

Failure to meet any of the requirements (directed by insurance) may result in the driver not being able to compete.


Click here for explanation of benefits of Season Pit Passes and Membership.

For Pit Stalls, contact Lynn at or 262-297-2882. - Pit Stall Map


If you are new to racing, please contact  Duplicate numbers are discouraged.

Are you a rookie in this division at Slinger? Click here for the Rookie-of-the-Year form.

Helpful information for drivers new to Slinger can be found here:  Welcome to Slinger


Please review the important procedural information below.

2023 On Track Procedures Updated June 26, 2023

2023 General Procedures Updated June 26, 2023

Protest Form

ALL DIVISIONS are required to have an AMB Trans x260 transponder installed in order to compete at Slinger Speedway. If you do not have a transponder you will have the option to rent one from the track on a first come first serve basis, while supply lasts. If you don’t have a transponder installed you will not be scored, and cannot compete in any event. Please see the individual division rules for installation location (this can vary from track to track; please double check prior to arrival). It is the responsibility of the driver, not the track, to insure a properly working transponder is installed. Transponders must be installed and on every time the car is on the track (including practice).


Weekly Race Itinerary: night races

● Pit Gates open at 2:30

● Practice starts at 4:00 – transponders must be installed and working

● Qualifying starts at: 5:10, Racing at 6:30

2024 Contacts

Owner/Promoter, Todd Thelen 262-370-0440 or

Tech Director,  Jason Shultz, 920-450-6047

Safety Director, Shelley Greenwald, 262-565-8006

Race Director, Scott Hoeft, 920-988-2231 or

Flagman, Tim Schinker 262-749-4152 or

Office Manager & Driver Membership/Season Pit Passes, Kathy Korth

Pit Director, Tires, & Track Rental, Leonard Reimer 608-931-5847

PR/Marketing Coordinator & Pit Stalls, Lynn Wagner 262-297-2882 or

Scoring Tower, Payout, & Driver Registration - Dale Norenberg and Marie Wagner

Hospitality, Fans, and Talent, Elizabeth Thelen 262-893-3345 or


All Slinger Super Speedway staff do their best to provide a safe, fair environment. Please do not post your grievances on social media; negative posts do not help you, your sponsors, the track, or racing in general to grow.  POST the positives, talk to a “live” person about the negatives. Thank you in advance.