Slinger Super Speedway Divisions

Super Late Models The Slinger Late Model Division is the premier division at Slinger Super Speedway. These V-8 powered cars are the fastest short track cars in the world you will see here on the high-banks of Slinger Speedway. The Aluminum and fiberglass bodies’ cars have exotic racing engines these cars are built from the ground up as racing machines. Late Model cars turns laps here at Slinger Super Speedway in just over 11 seconds. It is these cars, which have established the world record lap speeds on a quarter-mile paved oval. You know that you will see some of the fastest, racing action in the country right here at Slinger.

Late Models The Slinger Late Model Division is very similar to the premier Super Late Model Division at Slinger Super Speedway. They use the same chassis, bodies, fuel cells, and many other bolt on parts, but have different less expensive engines, shocks, and brakes. The Late Models use an 8″ racing tire that lasts up to three or four weeks, compared to the 10″ racing tire the Super Late Models use that lasts one or two weeks. Just like the Super Late Models they are built from the ground up as racing machines. Late Model cars turn laps here at Slinger Super Speedway in just over 12 seconds. These are the “Little Brother” cars to the Super Late Models.

Sportsman The Sportsman cars are a stepping stone to the more powerful Super Late Model division. The division sets up the driver for learning the basic rules, techniques of car set-up and a fun way to race on a working mans budget. Exciting action is what this division provides. These cares are capable of upper 12 second lap times.

Figure Eights The Figure 8 division is a one race per night class that follows a figure eight pattern. When the average 10-car field starts to get strung out, the leader begins to encounter the other cars at intersection. That’s when you hold your breath and see who will make it through the fast paced event. The cars vary from older racecars to any type of American car.

Slinger Bee’s Possibly the most affordable way to test the high banks of Slinger Super Speedway is the Slinger Bee’s division. These basic four-cylinder front wheel drive cars are inexpensive to prepare and race. These cars are almost stock from the factory, with the minor chassis modifications and safety modifications… If you want to go racing at Slinger, the Slinger Bee’s are the perfect place to start.

Super Beez are modified Slinger Bee’s. For the racer that wants to go faster they can modify their car into a Super Bee. This division has a spec race tire that all racers must use. Engine and chassis modifications are much more liberal than the Slinger Bee division allowing the racers to go over one second faster per lap. Front and rear wheel drive four cylinder cars are allowed.