Minor Waiver Form

For ANYONE going into the pits who is under the age of 18. The form MUST be printed in color and cannot be folded or bent in any way.  Forms printed in black, folded/bent, and/or lacking notarization cannot be accepted at the track.

-BOTH parents MUST sign the form for minor drivers (only one parent for minor crew)

-Page one is for the parent to complete (print a second copy of page one for the second parent). Page two is for the minor to complete.

-ALL pages of the form MUST be notarized

Failure to meet any of the requirements (directed by insurance) may result in the driver not being able to compete.

Click here for the Minor Waiver Form - remember, print it in color!

Online Parental Consent Waiver (Minor Waiver)

Link: https://slingersuperspeedway.speedwaiver.com/slqom

Follow the link above

Enter ALL of the requested information accurately.  If the child does not have their own cell phone, enter either Mom or Dad’s number (wherever the child is at the moment).  That parent will receive two text messages - it is important that they take note of who each one is directed to and follow both of them through to completion.

Each of the phone numbers entered will receive a text message saying, “name, it’s time to e-sign the waiver for child’s name”.  Each text message needs to be clicked - so a total of three messages will be clicked.  After clicking, follow the instructions on the screen, carefully reading each.

The photo must be taken at the time of signing (it cannot be a photo of a photo - it has to taken of the person actually signing the waiver at that time)

Use your finger to write your signature

Sign another page:
Use your finger to write your signature

Unless all three parties have completed the process, the screen will say “Signatures are incomplete”

Once all three parties have completed the process, the child will receive a picture waiver - with their picture, the valid date, and type of waiver.  They will show that picture waiver at the pit shack to verify the Parent Consent has been signed