10 Questions With….Mitchell Haver Driver of the #7 Midwest Sportsman

Why did you get into racing?
I helped my dad [driver of the #13 Midwest Sportsman] a lot with his car as I was growing up. It always seemed interesting, so I thought it would be cool to try. My first time out I was really nervous. The first time I qualified, I spun out and thought, “If I’m wrecking by myself, how am I going to do this with other cars on the track??”. But as soon as the heat race started, everything was good and I had fun.

What are your future plans? [Mitchell is 17 years old.] On the track: I plan to race as long as possible.
Off the track: I’m a student at Living Word Lutheran in Jackson, and will graduate next year. Then I will go to college, probably for business. This summer I’m working for my dad at PMI, a machine shop. My job is to do pretty much whatever he tells me to do.

Who is on your crew?
Dad-Andy, sister-Natalie, Del Vanstone (crew chief and spotter), Brady McMahon, Kevin Kasten, Tony Merkes

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
All the banks! I like how fast you can go around the turns!

How did you pick your car number?
Seven has always been my favorite, and lucky, number. It’s also for Alan Kulwicki because I’ve heard lots of stories about him from my dad.

Where is the most interesting place you have been?
London. I went there to visit my sister while she was studying abroad. The coolest thing I saw was Big Ben.

Who are your sponsors?
PMI (Progress Manufacturing, Inc in West Bend), Cousin’s Subs of Kewaskum and West Bend (South), Reiser Resources (Slinger)

Is there anyone else you need to thank?
My lovely and supportive mother for allowing me to do this! She didn’t want me to, but had to let me because my dad does it too.

What is your favorite food?
Chicken wings! The best are at Buffalo Wild Wings. The Club at Cousin’s Subs is also really good!

Which Slinger driver do you have the most respect for?
I have to say my dad, don’t I?!? He loves seeing/helping people start driving, especially younger ones because he knows the sport will die without them. He’s also one of those people who is a better coach than player. Dad taught me everything I know about baseball, and coached my team. Eventually I got better than him! Maybe someday I’ll be a better racecar driver than him too!