10 Questions With….Rick Schaefer and Todd Buckley Leaders of Pro4mance Motorsports

Tell us about Pro4mance Motorsports.
Rick: I started it four years ago when I decided I enjoyed building cars and helping see new talent get their taste of racing and Victory Lane. I built some cars with good success and found a lot of people asking for help and knew I could build a reasonably priced car that could win. I sold a few and helped guys and girls get their first wins. The rest spread by word of mouth. So in four years we went from Dale [Rick’s son, driver of the #88 Bee] and I to the big team we have now. It’s my way of trying to keep Slinger Super Speedway around, and get some people into racing with a budget and a competitive car. Of course, I get to try a few races a year as well! We are a big family and everyone helps everyone.

Todd: We can’t make a living off of doing this (I wish we could), but I do it because I like watching young drivers like Jayden, Brandon, Brady, Matt and Ricky succeed. I believe 4-cylinders are the future of racing because that’s what the young guys like to run on the street too. This division is only going to become more popular.

Which drivers are a part of Pro4mance?
Slinger Bees: 04 Brady Held, 10 Ricky Gebhard, 11 Brandon Mennicke, 25 Paul Reagles, 48 Matt Urban, 88 Dale Kiley-Schaefer
Super Beez: 20 Steve Zoromski, 31 Jayden Buckley, 38 Rick Schaefer, 54 Bob Peters

How much time during the week do you spend in the shop?
Todd: Rick and I work 3-4 nights a week, and about 5-6 hours each night. It all depends on what needs to be fixed.

Why did you get into racing?
Rick: Because my friends did! An Enduro was my first race. At Slinger I’ve also raced Team Cruisers (with Dave Neurider, Mark “Kurly” Kissinger, Eric Schmitz, and others), Bees, Super Beez, Thunderstocks, and Mid-Ams. Team Cruisers were my favorite; we need to bring those back as a 4- or 6-cylinder division!

Todd: It looked like fun! I like going fast, and have raced 4-cylinders, modifieds, and street stocks. My first race was also an Enduro.

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
Rick: I love the track! It’s different from any other track out there; you can’t simulate Slinger. Also, the people – it’s like a big family. And it’s close to home.

Todd: It’s close to home, it’s different than any other track out there because of the banking.

What is your real job?
Rick: I run Super Nova Trucking Company. We are a tanker transport company and have been around 14 ½ years.

Todd: I own The Vapor Stop USA; we have three locations: West Bend, Mayville, and Menomonee Falls.

Who is your favorite NASCAR driver?
Todd: It was Dale Earnhardt, Sr., then Junior. Now I don’t really watch it anymore; there isn’t any time.

Rick: Dale Earnhardt, Sr. because he didn’t take crap from anyone and he was an aggressive driver. Then it was his son, and now Chase Elliott.

Is there anyone you want to thank?
Todd: My wife, Ashley, for allowing me to have endless amounts of hours working on everyone else’s cars.
Rick and his wife for giving us a place to work. All the guys who help put this together; helping others and seeing them do well is the coolest thing in the world. My daughter, Jayden – seeing her win is cool!

Rick: Todd for helping me, there is no way I could do this without him. He’s my right-hand wrench. Everyone on the team who spends their money with us and lets us do what we love. My wife, Marybeth, for letting us spend all summer in the garage. Steve Zoromski for letting me use his car and equipment.

What is your favorite food?
Todd: steak, medium, from Poplar Inn in West Bend

Rick: prime rib, medium, from MJ Stevens

Which Slinger driver do you have the most respect for?
Todd: I like the older guys who have been doing it forever, like Conrad Morgan and Jerry Eckhardt. They are dedicated and do it because they love it.

Rick: Dennis Prunty because he reminds me the most of Dale Earnhardt, Sr.