10 Questions with…Brady Held Driver of the #04 Slinger Bee

2018 Slinger Super Speedway Bees Champion!

How did you get into racing?
Twenty-six years ago, my mom and dad met at Slinger Speedway, so it’s kind of in my blood! My mom actually bought me my first racecar while my dad was Up North (he said it was “a very bad investment”). Last year was my first year and I ran ten races. This year I told my dad at the beginning of the season that I wanted to run for the championship!

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
It’s fast! I think a lot of people say that for this question, but it truly is. I also like the people that are there. Rick [Schaefer], Todd [Buckley] and all of Pro4mance Motorsports – they all make it fun! [Check out the August 11th “10 Questions” for more information on Pro4mance Motorsports.]

Who is on your crew?
My dad (Steve), my mom (Krystl), my uncle Dan, Rick Schaefer, Terri the Tool Girl, Todd Buckley, Steve Zoromski, Jayden Buckley, Brandon Mennicke. Anytime we need help, everyone is there.

Who are your sponsors?
My mom’s delivery business, Almost Free Delivery (Iron Ridge). And my dad’s wallet. I’m actively looking for sponsors for 2019 and/or a car owner to give me a chance in a higher division.

Is there anyone else you need to thank?
Rick Schaefer for being there, basically on-call, whenever we need him.
My parents for letting me do what is fun and driving me to the track every Sunday night.
Uncle Danny for helping me with the car and for letting me use his shop and tools.

What is your favorite racing memory at Slinger?
My first win! It was on Memorial Go-Kart night last year. I started first in both my heat and the feature, and I won them both! That was important to me because my cousin, Max, was killed on May 20, 2016. Earlier on the night that I won, we released balloons in his memory, then later that night I won for him!

What is your real job?
I’m 15 and a sophomore at Hustisford High School. I also mow lawns as a side job. After high school, I’d like to own my own business, but I’m not sure what yet.

How did you choose your car number (#04)?
After Max was killed, we made t-shirts in his memory, and they had 04 on them because he was born in 2004. I wanted that as my car number for him.

What is your favorite food?
Pizza (the best is from Mardi Gras in Woodland), burgers, basically anything with meat

Which Slinger driver do you respect the most?
Rick Schaefer for being there every time I need something. Even if he has a problem with his car, he’ll drop everything to help us.