10 Questions – Special Mother’s Day Edition

10 Driver/Staff Answers to 1 Question
What is/was the best thing about your mom?

Steve Zoromski, Creek View Landscape #20 Super Beez
Mom: Janette Zoromski
One of the best things is the food! So many great home cooked meals and plenty for seconds.

Randy Schuler, #72 Circle B Recreation Super Late Model
Mom: Barb Schuler
She has always supported my decisions, she has my back 100% of the time. Even when I might not be 100% correct. An immeasurable amount of love.

Mike Egan, #89 Bonafide Security Solutions Super Late Model
Mom: Annette Egan
Her ability to preserve, never complain and always have a smile on her face.

Mark Fogel, #72 Spring Green Lawn Care Team Cruiser
Mom: Sandi Fogel
The best thing about my mom is her unconditional love for me ☺️☺️ And my sister I guess

Tom Jasinski, #46 CED Late Model
Mom: Barb Jasinski
The best thing about my mom is she supports my passion to the fullest. Even when we totalled my first car (at age 14), my dad and I were going to call it a season, but she made sure we found another car to finish off my rookie year. She is there every chance she can be and I couldn’t ask for a better or more supportive Mom

Marie Wagner, Slinger Speedway Tower
Mom: Pat Wagner
The quality I like best about my Mom is her selflessness. She has always put us kids first and done everything to help out in any situation.

Jacob Schraufnagel, #29 Super Excavators Sportsman
Mom: Cheri Schraufnagel
It’s a hard choice, but the best thing about my mom is her support. She’s my number one fan no matter what I do, or how I do. She always has my back, and always pushes me to do better.

Cale Heinonen, #17 Wiedmeyer Express MGK Kart ~and~
Chase Heinonen #88 Let’s Get Roasted/Jug’s Hitching Post MGK Kart
Mom: Tracy Heinonen
Cale: She sacrifices everything for us.
Chase: She’s really nice and is always helping everybody.

Ryan Lovald, R & B Stagecoach Bar #67 Figure 8
Mom: Bonnie Lovald
The best thing about her is how supportive she is and how much she will go out of her way to help with just about anything, even if it’s not something she may think is a good idea or of her interest…if it’s something that makes someone happy, she’s always there to support and help out in any way she can. She’s one of those people that you can call anytime for anything, and she will do whatever she can to help out.