10 Questions with….Jamie Wallace

Kulwicki Memorial Race Winner, 1998 and 2009
Join us tomorrow for the 27th Annual Alan Kulwicki Memorial Race!

How did you get into racing?
Through my dad – he raced through all the ranks at Lake Geneva Raceway while I was growing up. That’s how I got my car number [#87]; it was his at the end of his career.

Who is your favorite NASCAR (or other pro) driver?
Joe Shear – I watched him in a lot of ARCA races and he was very talented.

What is your real job?
We own a gravel truck business in Genoa City.

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
If you race at Slinger, that’s the only track that will ever be like that. It’s fast-fast and very competitive. The toughest people you are ever going to race against are there. It’s a different deal.

What are the Wallace Racing plans for Slinger in 2019?
Josh [#8 Super Late Model] is going to run all year. I was planning on running full-time, but I need my rotator cuff fixed, so that’s not going to work out.

You were the Kulwicki Memorial race winner in 1998 and 2009; what was the significance to you?
It was a very neat deal, after watching Kulwicki on TV and knowing how he got there. He did it himself, it wasn’t a gimme for him – he earned it, that’s for sure.

What is your favorite racing memory at Slinger?
Running 4th in the Nationals

Who do you need to thank?
CREW: Kurt Burkoth, Roger Von Bergen, Bryan Straube, Richie Watson, Tim Schinker; SPONSORS: Powersource Racing Engines (Ingleside, IL) and Spectrum Coating (Milton). Plus Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning (Ringwood, IL) on Josh’s car. ANYONE ELSE: Everyone at Slinger Speedway for keeping the race track going. It seems to be tough these days. At least we have a place to go play around!

What was your first car?
A Pacer. It was like moving an aquarium down the road! I didn’t spend much on a car because I was trying to save money for my street stock.

Which Slinger driver (past or present) do you respect the most?
Brad Mueller – if anyone ever needs any help, he’ll help, he’s a fun clean driver to race against and a good friend.