10 Questions With….Miss Slinger Kristy Held

Join us for this year’s Miss Slinger Reunion and Contest tomorrow night at the Parker Store Carl Wegner Memorial Race! Interested contestants can get more info here: (Bob, please link the form from the track website – thanks)

Why did you want to become Miss Slinger? I love racing and wanted to be more involved. I’m also shy and this is a fantastic opportunity to meet drivers that I have always admired. In my first year I’ve had the honor to meet so many talented drivers and their amazing crew, families, and fans.

Describe the duties of Miss Slinger over the course of the year-long “term”. Day 1, wear a bikini. Throughout the year handing the checkered flag to race winners for their victory lap, photos with the winners, welcoming fans in the stands, and working with the staff to make every night a great night of racing. Outside of the track I help promote upcoming events and awareness of the track. Had a blast this year at the Short Track Hall of Fame event and any other opportunities in the community to wear the sash and get people in the stands. Miss Slinger also attends the awards banquet in winter to hand out the championship trophies; it’s always a fun event!

What is your favorite memory at Slinger? Riding in the PMF Landscape Supply bus around the track with the drivers at the Nationals last year. The whole night was memorable but that moment sticks out as truly special. It was actually my first experience riding on the track and to be there with our local legends and some of the NASCAR guys was incredible!

How old were you the first time you came to Slinger? Oh gosh young, we’ve been going to Slinger and other tracks since I can remember. It was a family thing, my parents always reminded me that the first day of their honeymoon was at Slinger Speedway. I remember the cars all lined up “Slinger Style” before the race and the feeling you get when the drivers start their engines; today this is still my favorite part of the races.

Who do you want to thank? My parents for always supporting me and our shared love of racing, my sister Melissa for always being there to help at the track, and my trainer for showing me strong is beautiful. And of course, my husband for telling me I’m not crazy for wanting to do this.

What is your real job? Proposal Engineer at Jorgensen Conveyors, fancy title for sales and estimating in the machine tool industry. I LOVE it! I also paint murals as a side hustle.

What is the best part of being Miss Slinger? Getting to know everyone for sure! I love chatting with the drivers and the crew, hearing their stories about everything from how they had to rebuild their entire car in one night to get ready to race at Slinger to their kids graduating high school or they are expecting a new baby. Also sharing those moments with the drivers after their first win is always priceless.

What is the toughest part of being Miss Slinger? Minimal bathroom breaks haha! Actually, I would say not being able to see the entire track, watching from the infield is an amazing view but sometimes I can miss some action going on behind the sign.

You are running for a second “term” this Sunday. Are you willing to give advice to the other contestants? Always wear a smile and comfortable shoes.

Which Slinger driver, past or present, do you have the most respect for? May I pick 2?? Miles “the Mouse” Melius, he is a legend! Love hearing his stories about racing in the old days. Also, Jerry Eckhardt, I admire his passion for the sport.