Special Father’s Day Edition

1 Question…

What is/was the best thing about your dad?

Zach Prunty, driver of the All Out Marine #39 Late Model, about dad, Dan Prunty: No matter what the project is, he is always bound and determined to finish it and he never gives up. His creativity is beyond this world. I’m lucky to call him my dad.

Mitchell Haver, driver of the Progress Mfg, Inc. #7 Sportsman about dad, Andy Haver, driver of the PMI #13 Late Model: My Dad will do anything and go out of his way to make sure I have the best opportunity to pursue and succeed at any dream I have.

Natalie Haver, driver of the Progress Mfg, Inc. #3 Sportsman about dad, Andy Haver, driver of the PMI #13 Late Model: My dad isn’t just my dad, he’s my boss, mentor, idol, biggest supporter, and so much more! My dad has become one of my best friends and has never let me down once in my life. I grew up wanting to be just like him and here we are today sharing our greatest passions together. God chose the greatest man alive to be my dad and not a day goes by where I’m not thankful for him.

Chase Heinonen, driver of the Let’s Get Roasted/Jug’s Hitching Post #88 MGK Kart about dad, Brian Heinonen, spotter for the Keith’s Marina #48 Super Late Model driven by Brad Keith: My dad is always helping me get better at things like baseball and he takes the time to coach me. He is also funny I like it when he spends time with me.

Cale Heinonen, driver of the Wiedmeyer Express #17 MGK Kart about dad, Brian Heinonen, spotter for the Keith’s Marina #48 Super Late Model driven by Brad Keith: Dad takes the time to teach us to do the right thing and he’s a great baseball coach for three teams this year!!

Owen Benn about dad, Carl Benn, driver of the Brake & Equipment/PMF Landscape #01 Slinger Bee and #01 Figure 8: “I love that my dad teaches me about racing and he loves me so much!”

Tommie Elsinger, driver of the #33 Bee about dad, Tom Elsinger, driver of the #33 Sportsman: He’s extremely knowledgeable and supportive of my racing career. It’s an honor to be able to follow in his footsteps.

Dale-Kiley Schaefer, co-driver of the Super Excavators #89 Team Cruiser about dad, Rick Schaefer, driver of the #3 Super Beez: The best thing about my father is his constant willingness to help other people, as well as his admirable passion to grow the 4-cylinder and Team Cruiser divisions at Slinger Speedway.

Mike Held, driver of the Coachwork Auto Body #72 Super Late Model about dad, Jerry Held: His unconditional support is the best thing about him.

Jared Deming, driver of the Sonya’s Rose Floral & Gifts #16 Late Model about dad, Ron Deming: The best thing about my dad is his non-stop support for me and racing. He’s definitely my biggest fan and my best friend and without him I wouldn’t be able to do what I love.

Matt Prunty, Backup Driver/Team Model/Gas Man/Aerodynamics Specialist/Human Resources Manager/Director of Competition Communication for the Paul Reilly Co/GSI Tow Truck Ins/Moraine Park Tech College #11 Super Late Model driven by Alex Prunty about dad, Doug Prunty, Jr.: I would have to say the best thing about my dad is that he taught me to be the dad/man I am today. He’s always looking out for my two sisters and I, no matter how mad he is at us or how bad we screwed up. He also taught me how to work hard for the things you want in life and always put your family first. I would also have to say the way he treats his grandkids (lets them get away with everything he wouldn’t let his own kids get away with lol). I know everyone will say this, but he’s definitely the best dad/grandpa there is. Sorry if it’s more than one thing – too hard to pick one; he’s a great guy.

Tyler Hromadka, driver of the Fire Place Ltd #3 Late Model about dad, Tommy “Hollywood” Hromadka, driver of the #3 Super Late Model: He teaches me a realistic way of racing without having to spend a lot of money to compete.

Tom Berens, driver of the Weld-Fab Mfg #99 Late Model about dad Jeff Berens: The best thing about my dad is that he sticks by me no matter what happens on and off the track, and his passion for racing that he has passed down to me

JD Rudser, driver of the Tomaso’s Pizza/Sir James Pub #54 Slinger Bee about dad, Kevin Rudser: I have a special bond with my dad that I have with no one else. He and I spend so much time together doing fun things and going so many different cool and interesting places. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Mark Vogt, jackman on the Acieta/Tim’s Auto Parts #92 Super Late Model driven by Conrad Morgan: The best thing about my two dads (Mike Vogt, Sr. & Conrad Morgan ) is that my real dad got me into racing 39 years ago, and my second dad keeps the passion going 39 years later.

Brady Held, driver of the Almost Free Delivery #04 Slinger Bee about dad, Steve Held: To be honest there are too many things to choose from, but the best things about him are how hard he works every day for us kids and how he teaches us to be responsible with not only the money we earn but with our career choices. All this while still coming home and making time to take us fishing, hunting, or golfing and then dragging me to the track on Sunday without complaining. Thanks for walking me through the first 16 years of my life and then some!

Dean Strom, Slinger Pit Reporter and Banquet Emcee: We lost my dad (Bill Strom) 15 years ago, but I learned so much from him over the years. He was a hard worker who owned his own business and raced four nights a week. His passion for hard work, his business, and me and my brother inspires me. And my dad is the reason why I’m involved with, and passionate about, short track racing today.

Austin Omernick, driver of the Austin Electric #17 Slinger Bee about dad, Randy Omernick: My dad is always there for me in good times and bad. It doesn’t matter the situation, he has no negative feelings and does what he can to give me advice or help me out.

Bri LaMonte about dad, Gary LaMonte, driver of the Extreme Stainless Steel #63 Super Late Model and the #63 Legend: The best thing about my dad is his integrity and his drive. My dad is a man of his word, he is honest—maybe a little too honest haha, and can do, and has done everything he has set his mind to. If my dad has a goal in sight, he is the kind of man who will do everything in his power to obtain that said goal. I have a lot of respect for him and all that he has done for me in these 18 years.

Ryder Mueller about dad, Brad “JJ” Mueller, driver of the Barker Motorsports #89 Super Late Model: He loves and spoils me!