10 Questions with Lincoln and Lainey Cain

Third Generation Racers
Memorial Go-Kart Drivers, PLUS…

Check out Lincoln’s Bandolero debut at Slinger, with Lainey serving as Crew Chief, tomorrow night!

How did you get into racing?
Lincoln – From my dad. When I was younger I went to watch his races. I also have been racing in the Memorial Go-kart division at Slinger Speedway.
Lainey- I heard about it from my dad and then he told me about it. He said I could go really fast in the go-kart. Then I started liking it a lot and practicing at Papa’s house.

Who do you need to thank?
Crew: Our Dad (Aaron Cain), Our Papa (Paul Cain Jr.)
Sponsors: Certified Products, Zingen and Braun Insurance, Lemke Stone, Allenton Lions, Aaron Cain Custom Boxes
Anyone Else: Our amazing mother who allows us to do this (Heather Cain)

How old are you?
Lincoln – 11 years old
Lainey – 8 years old

Explain the Bandolero division, please
Lincoln – It’s a fast-paced spec series that travels all over North America to race each other. The cars weigh 750 lbs with the driver. It’s powered by a two-cylinder 30 hp engine. They go extremely fast (70 mph) with a lot of G-force in the corners.
Lainey- It’s a tiny car, but it’s like a race car that goes really fast!

What do you do to make it affordable to race?”
Lincoln- Not crash into the wall and we have some awesome sponsors.
Lainey- Just not crash into anything or let the driver do anything crazy in the car.

How did you get your car number (#5)?
Lincoln- From my Dad and Papa. They both had racecars that had number 5 on them. They raced Team Cruisers and Sportsman.
Lainey- Um, my Dad put it on the kart.

What is your favorite food?
Lincoln – Slinger Speedway burgers and french fries
Lainey- My favorite food is strawberry cheesecake, because it’s sweet.

What TV show(s) do you like to watch?
Lincoln – I watch “Formula One: Drive to Survive” on Netflix. I like it because you get to hear the stories of the Formula One drivers and how their careers are going.
Lainey- I like to watch “The Loud House” because there are 13 people in there all doing crazy stuff.

Why should people come to Slinger Super Speedway tomorrow to see your race?
Lincoln – To see the humble beginning of my racing career. I am looking forward to learning a lot this year.
Lainey – So people can watch my brother go really fast in his race car!

You were on the track last Saturday at the Open Practice. How did it go?
Lincoln – It went ok… The first three sessions we had problems with the Bandolero. After we figured out the problem, it worked great!
Lainey- Practice went pretty good because I got to do all the crew chief stuff that I really love. I could wait for my brother and sweep him a spot in the pits.