ONE Question with…Former Miss Slinger Winners

Join us for the Miss Slinger Contest tomorrow night!

What was the best part of being Miss Slinger?

Jean (Gilligan) Killoren, 1981-1982
The best part was all the excitement; being in the middle of the track was fantastic!

Kathy Peterson, 1985-1986
The best part of my experience was meeting and getting to know the drivers and the fans!

Amanda (Tackes) Andrasic, 2001-2002
The best part of my experience as Miss Slinger Speedway was the people I met and interacted with! The fans were amazing! The drivers and crew were like family! Finally the staff, safety crew and administration of the track kept things running smoothly and safely for everyone (including myself as I stood in the middle of the track enjoying the race – it was the best seat in the house!).

Sara (Olson) Dornbrook, 2004-2006 and 2007-2009
The best part was meeting so many people and gaining a whole new family! The track is a fun place to hang out and gain a ton of new friends! If you have interest in modeling/other pageants, this is also great to have on your comp card. It opened so many doors for me WAY back in the day in the four years that I did it. I have so many amazing memories and have met so many great people because of this opportunity! I am STILL there to help when I can so I can see everyone!!!

Ashley Hoffmann, 2009-2012
The best part of my Miss Slinger experience was interacting with all the drivers who grew into friends. It was great interacting with everyone from the racetrack in general – fans, employees and drivers.

Ashley Cridelich, 2015-2018
The best part about being Miss Slinger was honestly just meeting all the new people, both racers and fans. Plus actually being able to be on the track and getting to know all the racers on a more personal level rather than just “Oh hey, look that’s so and so and he/she is in the lead”. I love all the new friends I made. It was such a close-knit community and I liked to call it my race family.

Kristy Held, 2018-2019
The best part of my Miss Slinger experience was the opportunity to meet and get to know so many inspirational people including the drivers, crew, fans, and track staff. Sharing the exciting moments with everyone is something I will never forget.

Mikena Wantz, 2019-2020
I’d have to say that each week at the track fulfills and over-succeeds everything I ever expected to get out of being Miss Slinger. After getting to know the drivers and crews involved, seeing recurring faces, sharing first victories, and learning everyone’s unique experience with the sport is absolutely unbeatable-something that I could never get out of just spectating from the grandstands. It feels amazing to have gained a new sort of family that I look forward to seeing each week.