10 Questions with…Tom Jasinski

Driver of the #46 CED Late Model

How did you get into racing?
My grandpa raced for Harley, then my dad and uncle raced at Hales Corners so it was in my blood from the time I was born. I started driving when I was 14 in the Bandits, and destroyed my first Bandit probably five nights in (also hopefully that was the first and last time I roll a car). But, Mom wanted me to keep going right away, so they made sure to get me another car. I was 16 when I made the jump to late models.

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
I like the speed of the track and the close racing in all divisions. I enjoy the people I race with and the new friends we have made along the way. It’s nice that it’s really close to home too.

Who do you need to thank?
Crew: The big ones are my dad and mom (Jeff and Barb), my fiancee Megan, Brett Wachowiacz, my uncle Rich and Aunt Pam Jasinski, the Staffeldt’s and Jordan Devoy.
Sponsors: CED, Mather Lanes (they’ve been with us for over 35 years), Doormasters, Center Court Sports Complex, Gillitzer Electric Services, Diamond Racing Wheels, Cryovibe, Athletes in Motion, Wisconsin Focus, Fin and Fly Sports Fishing, Salon Cole, SupplyZone, StickyBoyz, WABAM, Jasinski Racing Deck Supporters (all the names on the back of the car; I haven’t come up with a good name for them yet)

What is your real job?
My real job is a Lighting Project Manager at CED (lighting and electrical supplies). Then I also cut grass and plow snow for myself on the side.

What do you do to make it affordable to race?”
Welllll, I cut grass and plow snow. My dad and I try to fabricate anything we can. Otherwise, just racing within our means, and if that means that we don’t have a new tire that week, well then we are running on older tires.

You’ve hit some milestones recently…highest finish (8/16) and fastest lap in the feature (9/6)… what are you doing differently?
I think as a team we’ve finally started to take better notes and start making small improvements and capitalized on them. Like a snowball effect – a little bit better each week.

How did you get your car number (#46)?
The 46 was my grandpa’s number. It used to be 46g but that got confusing with my last name starting with a “J”. My uncle and dad were always 46, other than the years at Hales when the top 50 were locked.

You became engaged last year at Oktoberfest; how’s the wedding planning coming?
Everything I do seems to revolve around racing. Our yearly vacation was camping at Oktoberfest and that’s where Megan and I got engaged, with our dog, Shadow, by our side. The planning is going great. I have done hardly anything. As long as she is happy with what she wants to do, (and tells me when I need to show up) we are good. My guess is about 50% is done and ready to go. But I have another year of time to procrastinate.

You had a unique “Nationals Monsoon” experience; tell us about it.
If it starts to rain and you are in the car, you should try to get out before it is covered. It definitely was a very muggy, dark, and windy experience. I was in the car because we were getting ready to qualify and I couldn’t get out until it slowed down enough so we could uncover it. I didn’t have my phone and every time I turned on the radio they [crew] didn’t have it on. Then when they turned it on, I had it off. So, I just listened to the rain and the storm come through, occasionally having to hold the car cover from blowing away in the wind. It felt like an hour, but it was probably only 15 minutes. Then the cover started to leak, so I had to use my helmet…and gloves…and hat to start covering up anything that was getting wet – like the radio and the ignition box. It was fun…

Which Slinger driver (past or present) do you respect the most?
I definitely respect a lot of drivers. Bill Prietzel has always helped us out in anything we’ve tried to do. I also respect the Joe Cool Racing team. The whole team has been very helpful to us, always willing to help out, and lend a hand. The weeks I’ve come in crashed, Scott has been there to help us right away; I greatly appreciate those guys pitting by us. Finally the Devoy Racing team are some of the nicest people around.