ONE Question with…Season Pass Holders

Why do you choose to be a Season Pass Holder at Slinger Super Speedway?

Al Scheinpflug
1. Help support the track
2. Saves me time getting in, no waiting in line
3. Includes brat or hot dog (Wife says, “stop feeding him”)

Nate Anderson
Don’t have to wait in line for ticket sales, skip the line and go right in! It’s flashy, you know! Oh yeah and the hot dogs are great!

April Anderson
For the last ten years I have been getting my season pass for a Christmas gift from my parents! It is something I love getting and look forward to every year. Racing is my passion! The place I call my “happy place” is Slinger. It’s because of the racing, the people, and the whole atmosphere that it has! It’s a Sunday date night every weekend for my husband and I!

Bob Marohl
I love the season pass for three reasons: First, it’s very convenient. You never have to go to the ticket window. You just walk through the gate and flash your pass. You avoid a big line at the ticket window. Second, it saves you a lot of money if you attend most of the races. Especially since the Slinger Nationals are included in the season pass. You also get a free brat or hot dog each event. Nice bonus! Third, the pass keeps me motivated to regularly attend events at the greatest race track in America. What’s not to like?

Tom Albinger
Lots of reasons, gets me there every Sunday night, free brat, no line to stand in for entering, good price for seniors, all my friends have passes also! Looking forward to the start of racing this year.

Dan Shay, Sr
It’s the best race track in the World to watch racing
I started coming here in 1967 and am still coming Emoji
The speedway staff is great!

Scott & Debbie Strege
I have been a long time race fan, starting back in the early 70’s as my dad built cars with the drivers he helped. We went every Friday to Columbus, Saturday to Jefferson, and occasionally Sunday’s to Slinger. Slinger was always my favorite as a kid, and now that my wife and I have time we are starting to get back to Slinger. It is easier to be a season pass holder, and something we want to commit to! It is our small attempt to provide proof that small track racing at Slinger is well worth keeping around!

Judy Grover
It’s in my blood, I lived with Roland Heder & daughter throughout high school, worked in the lower food stand for years, started raising a family, would go occasionally, as my boys grew up, enjoyed cars and racing, started going more, more, as we could afford it, then switched to season passes. We are there every week, now bring grandchildren, and now great grandchildren. I can’t stand in the hot sun, so the pass is the best way to handle, convenient, less costly if you come all the time, and we come over before the time trials even start. We go in early and do not need to go back out to purchase tickets, just show our passes, enjoy meeting people, know some of the drivers and fans. It’s the best outdoor entertainment for a Sunday afternoon and evening for us. We hate when there is a cancellation.

Don Grover
Because you know I live for racing.

Gary Gasper
Up close to the speed and sounds of short track racing!

Brad Skotzke
Me and the wife have been coming to the track for years. We both don’t want to miss a race. Where else can you get this much entertainment for the price? Plus we look forward to eating our Sunday supper there every week. Thanks to all the race teams that make every sunday enjoyable for us!

Ryan Weyer
I chose Slinger Super Speedway because it’s such a unique and special track and I love watching racing there. I think the season pass is good for the money.

Jeff Harmon
My wife and I moved to West Bend three years ago after we retired and I always wanted to come to Slinger Speedway. But I started work too early and lived too far to come up on Sunday nights. I love racing and I went to all the races at State Fair Park. Now Slinger Speedway has me for the rest of my life. And that’s why I’m a season pass holder.

Ron Dolensek
I am a season pass holder because I go to SLINGER every Sunday, every year, and believe that WI short track racing is the ULTIMATE in racing. The drivers, the show, the atmosphere, the special events, and the prices are outstanding.

Brad Hanson
I have always been interested in motor sports, watching racing on television since I was young. Many years ago my dad asked me if I wanted to go to the races at Slinger one Sunday night. I went once and was intrigued, but rarely had time on Sundays and didn’t go again for a couple years. On Father’s Day in 2013, my dad once again asked if I wanted to go to Slinger with him. My oldest daughter was nine years old at the time and she asked if she could come with us. We had a great time and were hooked, continuing to go every week the rest of the year. I have not missed a race since. In the past few years my youngest daughter started coming to the races, and she is now a season ticket holder too. As soon as the schedules come out every year, I block off Sundays on my calendar for racing. It’s been great spending time with my dad every week in the summer at the races. Getting my daughters involved has been a thrill for my dad and I and hope someday their kids will come to the races with us. My youngest daughter, who is now 14, has aspirations of racing a Slinger Bee in the near future. She thinks a Bee would be a good birthday present for her this year. I agree, but we have to convince Mom. It’s a Sunday tradition for our family!

Thomas Pederson
I choose to be season pass holder #1 it doesn’t matter what time I get there I don’t have to wait to purchase a ticket, I can go right on in; #2 I get a delicious brat free at every race; #3 I know I have a place to sit; #4 I get to see great racing too. All great!

Ann Nottestad
Implementing the season pass is the most innovative promotion I’ve seen at a race track, ever! It’s offered at a no-brainer discount allowing you to skip the admission lines and it includes free food!

Kevin Gasner
I choose to be a season ticket holder at Slinger Super Speedway because I want to make sure the summer tradition of weekly short track racing stays alive and well in Wisconsin. My daughters and I travel from about two hours away each Sunday night to spend time with each other and watch racing on one of the most exciting tracks in America. My girls love to pick drivers at the Kids Club and always look forward to those Wild and Crazy Figure 8’s! The entire experience is a great way to end the weekend doing something we all love, Slinger Super Speedway runs an efficient, smooth show each week and everyone is always so nice and welcoming. We are proud to be Slinger Super Speedway season ticket holders!

David Hoeft
(1)Love the fast-paced racing at Slinger. All divisions are highly contested. (2) 6:30 start is great. (3) Season pass includes the Nationals, great idea! (4) Best cheeseburgers at any track. (5) Best of all, do not have to stand in line to enter the grandstands. Also, the staff has always been very friendly.

Jim and Susan Cox
We like the benefits of being season pass holders, which include: reduced admission price, free food item, no waiting in line for tickets; show your pass and walk in, and for a little extra, we get our same seats each week. The Slinger Nationals have been included, too. Best of all, we get to spend time together watching a sport we both enjoy.