10 Questions with…Rahn Sewell from The Finish Line Bar & Grill

2020 Bar Car Champion

How did you get into racing?
In 1973, my mom and dad’s first date was at Slinger Super Speedway. That was my first racetrack experience (I was three). It made quite the impact…standing by the fence watching cars go around. I must have thought they were going 1000 miles per hour!

In 2021, The Finish Line Bar and Grill is sponsoring a Bar Car and the Modified division, plus co-sponsoring, along with Finish Line Sales and Service, the Super Beez. Why do you choose to spend advertising dollars at Slinger Super Speedway?
For one, it’s good advertisement for me. But, I guess more importantly, it helps the racers perform, which I like to go and watch. So, in a sense, I guess I am paying more than the average person to entertain myself.

What was your first street car?
I think it was a 1976 Malibu. I believe it was a 6-cylinder with a 3-speed on the column. Pumpkin orange. I didn’t know how to drive stick, so that was my dad saying “good luck”…being an old farmer’s car, so I couldn’t go street racing with it.

What is your real job?
I don’t really have a job…managing The Finish Line Bar & Grill and Finish Line Sales and Service. Trying to figure out how to build an empire.

Tell us about The Finish Line Bar & Grill.
It’s my third bar. I like drinking. I think it has a good atmosphere…it’s fun. It seems to be pretty popular; it is the #1 bar in Slinger. We never close early, so stop in after the races.

Tell us about Finish Line Sales & Service.
I’ve always enjoyed working on cars, and it just got to the point that so many people were asking me to work on their car. I figured I’d start another business, working on that empire. We do everything mechanical. Besides body work, we can pretty much do anything.

If you could choose three people (alive or passed) to have dinner with, who would you choose?
(1)My mom, because I miss her. (2)Sir Richard Branson – he could teach me a thing or two about finances. (3)Whoever is in charge of Area 51, because I just want to know.

What is your favorite food?
Pasta. At The Finish Line Bar & Grill, I like our chicken sandwich and fries…love our fries!

At Slinger, you’ve raced in Spectators, Bar Cars, and at SlamFest. Is there anything else you want to race?
I would love to race a Mod. It’s my favorite division; I guess it’s just the open-wheel concept. You don’t get a reset switch with those guys. If you rub together you break a tie rod easier because of the open-wheel concept.

Which Slinger driver (past or present) do you respect the most?
Eric Fransen. I’ve known Eric since he was racing karts down south. I used to watch him on ESPN2 on Wednesday nights. Then he got sponsored with Direct Drive Express and raced Modifieds at Slinger Speedway. Couple years in that, then he went to Super Lates, so basically he went from karts to Super Lates in a few years and did very well in the Super Lates, in my mind, with Team 16, Sonya’s Rose. It was fun to watch him get fast so fast.