10 Questions with…Haylee Flairty

Driver of the #08 Bandolero and the #08 Memorial Go-Kart

How did you get into racing?
My dad used to race, before I was born, and we’ve always gone to the racetrack. I started out with go-karting. When I saw Bandoleros, they just looked really fun!

Describe the Bandolero division.
It’s a really fast go-kart! It’s in a car form, and it’s very fun! It’s been a big jump from the go-karts, but it’s been very fun for me to figure out.

This year you are doing both karts and Bandolers. What does that schedule look like?
At Slinger we race this Sunday and then six more times. For karts we race on Wednesdays two times a month. MGK Schedule: https://memorialgo-kart.org/racing-schedule/

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
I mostly like how fast it is because of how banked it is! You can basically go full throttle the whole track and it’s just a really fun track in general.

Who do you need to thank?
My dad and my mom for coming to watch me every single race. My dad is pretty much the one who takes care of me (for racing) and the car. I also want to thank everyone at the track because they just help out a lot with us. Especially if we crash or something, they all just kind of crew up and help everyone. My sponsors: Quality Landscaping, T.L. Proft & Associates, Todd Kons Trenching, Uptown Motorcars, Taylored Construction, Lighthart HVAC, JSK Racing, Coachwork Autobody

Tell us a little about you.
I’m 13 and go to Central Middle School. My favorite subject is math. The Pasta Fresca that my sister, Taylor, makes is my favorite food. When I grow up, I want to be an orthodontist. [Why?] Because I was always really excited to get braces! When they were explaining it to me, it just seemed really interesting. So ever since then, I’ve just wanted to be an orthodontist.

How did you get your Bandolero car number (#08)?
My dad’s number was 01. I played volleyball and my number was eight, so I just decided to make my number 08.

If you could have dinner with any three people, who would they be?
Zac Efron-ever since I was little he has been my celebrity crush. My mom and dad too because they will make me feel more comfortable around Zac Efron.

What’s next for you in racing?
I really want to be in a Legend or a Hobby Stock. I might want to go into a Hobby Stock because it’s a bigger car. But Legends also go really fast, so I’m trying to figure out which one I want to go to!

Which Slinger driver do you respect the most and why?
RJ Braun. He’s always been really fast! I kind of just look at his lines, and he tells me lots of stuff to improve my racing.