10 Questions with…Mason and Markus Obermeyer

Drivers of the #93 and #44 Bandoleros

How did you get into racing?
Markus: My dad
Mason: Same. When I was four, I started saying I wanted to race. Markus wanted to race because I started and he saw how fun it was.

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
Markus: The high banking
Mason: It’s my hometown track and it’s the fastest Bando track in Wisconsin

Who do you need to thank?
Crew: our dad (Dave), Steve “Toothpick” Vanoskey, Tim “Miler” Becker, our brother (Cody), Uncle Bob, Papa Kroes. Sponsors: Obermeyer’s 41 Auto Body, CC’s in Wayne, Tom Schley Construction, JK Tools, Battery Solutions, Grove Outdoor Power, Personalized Products, Bonafide Security Solutions, One3 Designs, A-1 Auto Glass, Subway of Allenton, Weyer & Sons Heating and Cooling, Restorations Specialist.Anyone else: Grandma Potter, Grandma Becky, Grandma Rosemary, Grandpa Ross, Mom (Amanda), Mandie, all the guys at the 41 shop, the Egans.

Tell us a little more about yourself.
Age: 8
Grade/School: 3rd/Union Grove Elementary
Favorite Restaurant/Food: Taco Bell, 3 tacos with cheese, meat, lettuce
Favorite Color: Lime green
Fictional Character You Would Bring to Life: Tom and Jerry because I would like to see Tom chasing Jerry and getting hurt!

Age: 10
Grade/School: 5th/Union Grove Elementary
Favorite Restaurant/Food: Buffalo Wild Wings (or the air fryer at home)/Honey BBQ wings
Favorite Color: Black and red pearl
Fictional Character You Would Bring to Life: Wile Coyote and Roadrunner because it is always funny how Coyote tries to catch Roadrunner!

How did you get your car number?
Mason (#93): My dad raced, he started in 2001 in the Slinger Stingers and then Sportsman. This was his number. [Dave: I got the number from Johnny Ziegler because I always liked his cars.] Markus: It’s my favorite number and my mom’s favorite number too.

If you could go to any restaurant in the world and take 2-3 people along, where would you go and who would you take?
Mason: BW3 with Dad and Kyle Busch because he is my favorite NASCAR driver and he has more wins than Richard Petty, but in separate leagues.
Markus: Taco Bell with Chase Elliott because he is my favorite driver, Dad, and my best friend Coltton

What do you like about racing?
Mason: Following in my dad’s footsteps
Markus: Traveling places

What is the hardest thing about racing?
Mason: Moving place to place. Fixing things when they are broke and you don’t have a lot of time.
Markus: Loosening your belts up

Do you remember how it felt the first time you went on the track at Slinger?
Markus: The track felt big
Mason: I wasn’t scared, more excited…I just gunned it right away. The banking hurt because it tried to pull my head and I tried to keep it straight. Now I just let it go where it wants to and let my Hans and head braces take care of it.

Who is your favorite Slinger driver?
Mason: Luke Fenhaus because he started in Bandos.
Markus: Mike Egan because our dad knows him