By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept 12—Carl Benn won the 25-lap Slinger Bees feature and Ayrton Brockhouse drove to victory in the 20-lap Bandolero main event as late afternoon rain showers shortened the Championship Sunday afternoon program at the Slinger Speedway.

Benn took the lead near the halfway mark and held off Brandon Tackes to win the Slinger Bees main event. Brandon Mennicke finished third and Brady Held took the checkered flag in fourth. Evan Hassler finished fifth ahead of Kayla Rindy and Misty Benn in sixth and seventh respectively. Jason Clope finished eighth while Tracy Neu and Roman Blank completed the top ten finishers. Brady Held’s fourth place result enabled him to win the 2021 Slinger Bees track championship.

Brandon Mennicke won the 16-lap last chance race after both Al and Mitchell Strobel broke out of the 15.2 second lap time limit on the final lap. Marty Tackes finished second and Tracy Neu was third. Roman Blank finished fourth and Kendall Becker was fifth. Brandon Tackes was the fastest qualifier in the Slinger Bees division with a qualifying lap of 15.230 seconds.

Ayrton Brockhouse held off Penn Sauter to win the 20-lap Bandolero feature while Lincoln Cain finished third ahead of Axel Oldenhoff and Paegan Ellingson in fourth and fifth respectively. Brockhouse’s victory clinched the 2021 Bandolero track championship. Paegan Ellingson and Axel Oldenhoff were the winners of the Bandolero heat races and Ayrton Brockhouse was the fastest qualifier with a lap time of 14.714 seconds.

The rain showers arrived just before the late model feature and after a lengthy delay to dry the racetrack, the late model feature took the green flag. However, just six laps into the event, the rains returned and the wet conditions cancelled the remainder of the racing program. Jack Stern solidified his points lead by turning in the fastest qualifying lap and following the rain out, clinched the 2021 late model track championship. Ryan Gutknecht finished second in the championship standings and Ryan Craine was third. Zach Prunty and Jerry Eckhardt rounded out the top five in the championship standings.

Michael Guderski and Austin Jahr were the winners of the Great North Legend heat races and Jahr also set fast time with a lap time of 13.293 seconds. Dillon Schwanbeck won the 2021 Great North Legends track championship.

Bill Shavlik was crowned the 2021 Figure 9 track champion as the rains also cancelled the Figure 8 race.

The American Super Cup Series cars also competed Sunday afternoon and Sean Eurick and Caden Baaske were the winners of the heat races. David Cerer was the fastest qualifier in the division after turning in a lap time of 15.039 seconds.