11 Questions with…Ayrton Brockhouse

(pronounced “air-i-ton”)
Driver of the #12 Bandolero
2021 Slinger Speedway Bandolero Champion

How did you get into racing?
When I was still in diapers, I used to ride 4-wheelers and anything motorized around our house and shop. My Dad put me in a 1/4 midget at age four and we raced at Little Elko where I got many wins.

What do you like about Slinger Super Speedway?
My Dad said I can’t say it’s because we “haul ass”, so I have to say that it is super fast and smooth.

Who do you need to thank?
Crew: Mom and Dad, Douggie and Bob Hartwig. Sponsors: Great North Legends, Brocks Flooring. Anyone else: Austin Jahr for coaching me and Hayden for helping on my car. Special thanks to my Brother, Ayden, who got super fast this year!

Tell us a little more about yourself…
I’m in 6th grade and 11 years old; I turn 12 on May 20th. What I like to do outside of school is have fun outside and do sports: football, baseketball, baseball.

What’s next for you in racing?
Legends. Because my dad forced me into it.

Do you have any pre-race traditions/superstitions/foods/etc
Not really, but I eat a lot of track food.

If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would you choose and why?
Talking Dragon from a book I am reading called “Wings of Fire”.

What is your favorite racing memory at Slinger?
My first win and winning the feature to clinch the Championship.

How did you get your car number?
I was 31 at first, (reverse of my Dad’s number) then I was 13 when my brother stopped racing. Then he started again and since he was older, he took it. Twelve was my football number, like Tom Brady, so I took that.

You live in Minnesota. How long of a drive was it to Slinger, and what made you make that trip this year?
Six hours, so we sleep, fight, or play video games all the way there. We made the trip because I wanted to be the very first Bando Champion at Slinger.

Which Slinger driver (past or present) do you respect the most?
Rich Bickle for all that he has accomplished and his cool wall ride, and Luke Fenhaus because he was a Bando driver not that long ago. (my Dad says I was supposed to say him…)